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Mobility Improved

I cannot express how much good the Prosthetic Foundation has done for me. I am getting used to walking with my new prosthesis, improving my balance every day with no problems. My mobility has greatly improved. I visited my prosthetist who had to reset it a little, but I feel very good with how they have taken care of me. I am feeling a lot better and am very pleased with The Foundation.
– Jimmy L Keith

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From Infection to Walking

In June of 2015, Julie broke her foot and had a bone graft done in order to alleviate the damage from the injury. During that process she contracted MRSA. After healing from the graft she had a metal extraction placed on her foot to try prevent MRSA from spreading further. But that wasn’t the worst of it. When Julie went back to the hospital to have the metal extraction removed she was told that she had a severe bone infection.

Due to the severity of the bone infection, Julie had her left leg amputated as that was the only way to keep the infection from spreading. That was in May of 2016. Since that time she was left using a wheelchair and walker with wheels to move around. On September 6, 2017, Julie received funding from The Prosthetic Foundation to obtain a prosthesis. Now, she is able to walk around like she did before she broke her foot. “I thank The Prosthetic Foundation for helping me receive my leg. With my new leg, it is so much easier to get around without the wheelchair and walker,” said Julie.
– Julie, Cibolo,Texas

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Motorcycle Injury To Working Again

“Hi, this is Isaiah Holloman and I am a right above knee amputee. My leg was lost due to a motorcycle accident on June 14, 2016 and my leg was amputated 13 days later. Without having insurance, I left no stone un-turned in search of assistance. Social security and Medicaid was a no. Other amputee foundations or assistance programs could not offer even a glimmer of hope. I even started a GoFundMe page which was unsuccessful, and these are just some of the avenues I went down. The reception at The Prosthetic Foundation was always helpful and friendly. I felt as comfortable talking to Lorraine [our awesome volunteer] as talking to my sister. I was so relieved when the Foundation made a motion in my favor because I was really down and out on my luck. This organization is not saying “gee, I wish I could help,” they are helping in a major way. If you can, please donate to this cause. My hat is off to everyone involved.”

Isaiah also mentioned in his update that he is finally employed again in a production line, something that he was really looking forward to doing again. It is because of our generous supporters that we are able to make a difference in our communities, even if it’s one person at a time. With The Big Give one month away, we know we can come together and make a big impact, so individuals like Isaiah can take a step forward to better health and independence.

Isaiah H.

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Double Leg Amputee

I lost both my legs below the knees to a devastating disease at the age of 29. The Drs said that I would not live, and then they said I would never walk again. I never accepted that as fact and today, not only do I walk independently, but I also frequent the gym, and I am in the process of getting running legs. Having prosthetic legs has changed everything in my life. I drive without adaptive assistance, I work, I have a great social life, and I frequently stand on podiums and give speeches about the vaccine preventable disease I contracted: Bacterial Meningitis. I wear my prosthetics with pride and I am constantly stopped by people who tell me that I am a great inspiration to them. My struggles have been significant over the years, but I am grateful for every day that I can wake up and put on my prosthetic legs. Being able to walk as I did before my illness means everything to me. More than words can even express.
– AM, Austin, Texas

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