Providing support and access for uninsured or under-insured amputees to obtain quality prosthetics with comprehensive aftercare, and to generate public awareness for these individuals.

The Prosthetic Foundation was founded in 2010 as a 501 C (3) nonprofit organization and is dedicated to helping under and uninsured amputees throughout Texas obtain a prosthesis with the follow-up care that is essential for successfully regaining mobility and independence. The loss of a limb can create a severe challenge and prevent an amputee from being able to perform the activities of daily living that many of us take for granted. The physical and psychological independence that a prosthesis can provide improves the quality of life for the amputee, their family and everyone around them. Having a prosthesis is also important in preventing additional health complications that arise from being sedentary in a wheelchair.

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Prosthetic News

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We help amputees throughout the state of Texas who are uninsured or under insured.
To see if you qualify, begin our online process or call us at 210.237.4400