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Amputees need assistance and support.

The Need

Limb-Loss Survivors Share Their Challenges

  1. Amputations Commonly Occur Due To: Diabetes, Vascular Disease, Infection and Injury.
  2. Many Limb-Loss Survivors are Wheelchair Bound
  3. Limb-Loss Has Increased
    Rising numbers means a greater need.
  4. No Insurance
    High Costs & Denied claims leaves many without a prosthesis.
  5. Low Education & Low Income
    This means low quality care.

Prosthetic Limb Grants Change Lives!

Hear from Martin G. about his journey.


Martin continued to go to work as a roofer once he healed from his accident that led to amputation.

Affording a prosthetic leg was not possible at the time when he called The Prosthetic Foundation.


“With my new prosthetic leg. I can go back to work, fend for myself and do many things I couldn’t before.

I’m very thankful to the Prosthetic Foundation for helping me.” – Martin G.

The Facts

Fact #1

Every day 500 Americans lose a limb to amputation.

Fact #2

The Average Cost of a prosthetic Leg is  $30,000.

Fact #3

72% of Our Applicants are Male over 40 years in age.

Fact #4

Limb Loss Affects the Whole Family
Increased Medical Costs When

  • Depression
  • Loss of Income
  • Transportation Issues
  • Increased Medical Costs When Underinsured

Fact #5

Amputation aftercare is unguaranteed to most amputees.

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Our Assistance

Our Vision

Restoring life, hope and independence through the ability to walk again.


We gave $232,000 in assistance in 2020. Since our inception in 2015 to July 2020, we gave nearly $700,000 toward a prosthesis for 350 applicants.

Limb-Loss Awareness

We generate public awareness for uninsured and under-insured amputees.

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