Motorcycle Injury To Working Again

“Hi, this is Isaiah Holloman and I am a right above knee amputee. My leg was lost due to a motorcycle accident on June 14, 2016 and my leg was amputated 13 days later. Without having insurance, I left no stone un-turned in search of assistance. Social security and Medicaid was a no. Other amputee foundations or assistance programs could not offer even a glimmer of hope. I even started a GoFundMe page which was unsuccessful, and these are just some of the avenues I went down. The reception at The Prosthetic Foundation was always helpful and friendly. I felt as comfortable talking to Lorraine [our awesome volunteer] as talking to my sister. I was so relieved when the Foundation made a motion in my favor because I was really down and out on my luck. This organization is not saying “gee, I wish I could help,” they are helping in a major way. If you can, please donate to this cause. My hat is off to everyone involved.”

Isaiah also mentioned in his update that he is finally employed again in a production line, something that he was really looking forward to doing again. It is because of our generous supporters that we are able to make a difference in our communities, even if it’s one person at a time. With The Big Give one month away, we know we can come together and make a big impact, so individuals like Isaiah can take a step forward to better health and independence.

Isaiah H.