From Infection to Walking

In June of 2015, Julie broke her foot and had a bone graft done in order to alleviate the damage from the injury. During that process she contracted MRSA. After healing from the graft she had a metal extraction placed on her foot to try prevent MRSA from spreading further. But that wasn’t the worst of it. When Julie went back to the hospital to have the metal extraction removed she was told that she had a severe bone infection.

Due to the severity of the bone infection, Julie had her left leg amputated as that was the only way to keep the infection from spreading. That was in May of 2016. Since that time she was left using a wheelchair and walker with wheels to move around. On September 6, 2017, Julie received funding from The Prosthetic Foundation to obtain a prosthesis. Now, she is able to walk around like she did before she broke her foot. “I thank The Prosthetic Foundation for helping me receive my leg. With my new leg, it is so much easier to get around without the wheelchair and walker,” said Julie.
– Julie, Cibolo,Texas