Hill Country Happy Hour Proves Successful

The First Annual Happy Hour – 11/13/21

An Enjoyable Evening for All

The Hill Country Happy Hour evening proved a huge success, with many turning out to support The Prosthetic Foundation’s 1st Annual Happy Hour event.

To the enjoyment of the crowd, as each person began to arrive, the sunset provided a spectacular backdrop by Canyon Lake to appreciate. Alex Macris provided entertainment with live music that added to the ambiance.

The Happy Hour Spread

Sipping on wine and assorted adult beverages, those that gathered at the upscale tables for seating were immersed in conversation about the latest news and what affiliations to The Prosthetic Foundation they had.

The hors d’oeuvres included a spread fit for the occasion, including cheese & crackers, shrimp cocktails, mezzah board with homemade items from the Greek tradition, chili, and sweet desserts! The Hot Toddies and Pumpkin Coffee were a perfect compliment to the food and atmosphere as a preface to the upcoming November Thanksgiving holiday.

A Few Words from Our CEO, Chairman & Secretary.

Dr. Demetrios Macris – Chairman, Joe Banda – CEO and Phyllis Davenport-Davis also shared a few words about the mission and evening.

Thank you to all of our supporters, donators and planning committee that spent their time and effort to generate awareness for limb-loss survivors. Your generosity is appreciated by our Board and Committees that continue to work hard to bring assistance to amputees in the Texas area.

Our Fundraising Goal was $50,000 and initial reports hint that we are very close to that number. Thank you Supporters!

Missed It, But Want to Support?