Diabetic’s Unexpected Journey

Even though Roland has been a diabetic for years, he never expected what happened to him in 2016. After a fall, he injured his toe but didn’t think much about it. Over the next few weeks he started to develop what he initially thought was a blister on his toe. After several visits to doctors where he was told to keep the area clean he ended up in the ER one afternoon. From 4 p.m. that afternoon to 11 p.m. that night he went from having all functional limbs to an amputation due to the spread of an infection in that toe.

Even though he has struggled financially and emotionally since that time, he is grateful not only for the wonderful support he received from his family but also for The Prosthetic Foundation that helped him obtain a prosthesis. “Without the Foundation, I wouldn’t be able to walk and get back to life. The people of The Foundation who showed compassion help me believe again, believe that there are good people who want to help others. Because of The Prosthetic Foundation I am a better person.“
– Roland G., San Antonio, Texas