Dr. Demitrios Macris

From Our Chairman of the Board

Supporters of The Prosthetic Foundation,

Many years ago, I personally felt a tug at my heart when I realized that my patients were unable to continue their potential due to the inaccessibility of a prosthetic device. I, with the help of many others including friends and colleagues, came together to lead and operate The Prosthetic Foundation, a nonprofit organization designed to bridge the gap between hopelessness and mobility.

As the Chairman of the board of directors, I have seen the difference and impact The Prosthetic Foundation has made as it successfully provides prosthesis financial aid for Texans throughout the state. Although the majority of the recipients and sponsors call San Antonio home, we believe it is time for the organization to grow into a new age where we all work together to give limb-loss survivors their independence and potential back.

Today, we have reached a milestone in our organization. We hired our first full-time Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer. Although there were multiple candidates interested in this role, none have been as deeply affected by limb-loss as our selected candidate. We believe his passion, experience, story, and business acumen will serve the limb-loss community of San Antonio and Texas well.

Dr. Demetrios Macris

Chairman of The Board