Surviving the Holidays

Here it comes – jingle bells are ringing – pretty much announcing the season of sugar and carbs. As someone who is now having to watch my sugar and carb intake, can I say I am terrified? I mean what’s a girl to do? Tamale season is upon us! Taco Tuesdays were a little hard to give up – but Christmas Eve tamales? That would be a sin to deny those precious gifts of perfectly shredded meat and masa. It’s a Christmas conundrum.

Of course it’s Thanksgiving that really ‘gets my goat’ when it comes to any kind of dieting (by choice or mandated by the doctor). Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year, everyone sits around a table and is just thankful for each other – or even just pretending to be for a day. A little peace on earth anyone? Ok, maybe just a piece of pie. Brings out the inner foodie in everyone. Until this year – I am trying to shove my inner foodie in a dark closet. She doesn’t want to know what she’s missing.
Or is she really missing anything?

Browsing on Pinterest in the last few days looking for dinner ideas in the gluten free, low carb, paleo variety, I have come across so many desserts (well hello gorgeous) and holiday dish ideas that rival the traditional ones; so fancy they would wow your friends and family immediately.
The invention of the internet (and of course Pinterest) has really created an outlet for those who have any kind of eating restrictions but it’s especially generous to those who are trying to lose weight and have a diabetic diet to have amazing options that will fill and satisfy at the same time.  But most importantly, never make you feel like you are missing anything.

Set the table for success!

I think that is what has made this journey so much easier. Well, one that it’s not really an option like Slim Fast.. but that it’s life dependent, really helps a lot. But the options, the options are endless. So I can’t eat “chocolate cake” – did you know that there are paleo chocolate cakes out there that use no dairy, no soy, no gluten, no sugar? I tasted one in a sample and bought the whole container of chocolate muffins (of course now that I need them I can’t find them anywhere)! They were absolutely delicious. It CAN be done – just a little outside the box sometimes. But it’s much easier to stay on track if you don’t feel like you are missing anything.
Give it a try. Make one thing you have been craving that can be flipped completely on its head and made healthy and still delicious!

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