Step on up. Counting steps to a healthy you.

It’s no secret that diet and exercise are big components to getting diabetes under control. Food is easy – well easier – because it’s literally in your face all day long. It’s really about making good choices with what’s available. Exercise on the other hand is a whole other dog – because you have to get the motivation to go out and do. Or stay in and do. But either way you have to do. That is my biggest battle right there. On New Year’s Day thousands join gyms. By February 1st  enrollment has already dropped significantly – apparently I am not alone in this motivational issue.

Beginner Intermediate Step Program

But when it comes to your health and it’s no longer just about getting cute for bikini season – it’s really important that you start somewhere even if it’s not the gym.

Studies have shown that the best way to both lose weight and regulate insulin production is to combine both cardio training and resistance training – but when it comes to working out sometimes the old saying holds true – something is better than nothing. So step out on faith and take a walk!
Walking can help relieve stress, improve mood, clear your mind, gets your circulation pumping and will help you lose weight.
I personally use a fitness tracker like MyFitnessPal (free app on every smart phone) that tracks both diet and exercise and helps you meet your goals for both nutrition as well as exercise. And if you have a smart phone most of them actually have step counters in them – you just have to enable the feature! No need to go out and buy fancy equipment you likely already have what you need.

So you can count your steps – now what?
MyFitnessPal has a great 14 day challenge to not only get out and take steps but a way to increase your steps per day without killing yourself in the process.  No matter what your starting point, the best place to start is at the beginning. A journey  always begins with the first step.