The Prosthetics Foundation would like to introduce to you Jake Rak – our newest Ambassador.

Jake Rak is a 22 year old amputee from Chicago, Illinois. With a unique outlook on life, we are excited to partner with him to spread hope and awareness not only to the amputee community but globally through social media.

Photo Credit: Steel Leg Fit Facebook

In June of 2015, Jake suffered from a serious bout with endocarditis (an infection of the heart’s valves) and because of the infection he developed bronchitis as well as a swelling in his leg. Although the surgery to repair his heart (ending up getting 2 pig valves placed in his heart) was successful, he was pronounced dead on the table. But Jake wasn’t finished and miraculously fought through death not only once but twice. As a result of the infection, Jake ended up losing his leg. After spending three months in the hospital recovering from the surgery that not only took his leg, but also tried to claim his life twice, he left at a very weak 145 lbs.

While Jake was weak and barely even able to sit up on his own, he began to set goals for himself. Get to the gym and get active. Even his first Instagram post after his leg was amputated had nothing but hope and motivation, although it’s hard to imagine anyone would feel that way in a moment like that.

Photo Credit: Steel Leg Fit Facebook

Since becoming an Ambassador for The Prosthetics Foundation, Jake has raised awareness in his everyday life.

Since leaving the hospital and adapting to his new reality, not only has Jake stepped out and made the positive life changes through diet, exercise and a healthy mentality that keep him going, he strives to not only live it but encourage and motivate others with his story. Jake and his prosthetic leg he has named “Terminator X” have quite the online following at Steel Leg Fit. Not only has his prosthetic changed his life physically, but professionally as well – being an Architecture major in college, Jake has since changed his focus to Engineering in hopes to one day help design equipment more readily available to those who need it to not only perform daily tasks but to achieve their dreams.

“I have recently partnered with as an Ambassador to help raise awareness and donate prosthetic limbs to those who don’t have the available access to them in order to regain independence in their everyday lives… It’s a cause I truly stand behind and am willing to fight for because I know how tough it is to perform everyday tasks you take for granted without the assistance of proper medical equipment.

Help me fight for those who need assistance in regaining their functionality to live life to the fullest by spreading awareness and donating to a great cause!”

Photo Credit: Androu De Vera

 I am out to prove that although a man may be down and out enduring hell there is light on the other side as long as you keep your head up. – Jake Rak