It Takes a Village to Give an Amputee a Second Chance at Life

Martin Rodriguez Garcia is one of the most recent recipients of The Prosthetic Foundation. As an independent contractor, Martin needed both of his limbs to fulfill his job duties, or so he thought. Even though losing his limb was a major setback, he knew that sitting at home letting life pass him by was not an option. “I had no other alternative, I had to work to sustain myself,” said Martin. “I knew a prosthesis could be the solution, but I quickly found out that I could not afford one. I prayed to the Lord to help me find the resources I needed to persevere and overcome.” “The Prosthetic Foundation gives hope to every limb-loss survivor across Texas who does not have the means to obtain a prosthesis,” said Joe Banda, CEO, The Prosthetic Foundation. “In Martin’s case, as is the case with many amputees we have assisted, once he received his prosthetic limb, he was unstoppable.”