2020 Gala

The 2020 Virtual gala is back on schedule for December!

We see extraordinary people willing to overcome these obstacles and return to a productive and fulfilling life. At The Prosthetic Foundation, we are passionate about what we do and about our vision to restore life, hope, and independence through the ability to walk again! 

Will you help amputees re-integrate back into the workforce and community? 

2019 Gala Memories
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Thank you for your continued support!

Mission: To provide support and access for uninsured or under-insured amputees to obtain quality prosthetics and comprehensive aftercare, and to generate public awareness for these individuals. 

Did you know that one in 10 amputees are unable to obtain a prosthesis due to financial difficulty? 

Too many in our amputee community have to depend on Medicaid coverage which, in Texas, does not cover prosthetics for adults. Or even those fortunate enough to have private insurance all too often have very co-insurance costs, high deductibles, limited coverage and/or spending caps in their policies. These factors make it almost impossible to obtain a prosthesis and many are relegated to a life of isolation and diminished opportunities by being confined to a wheelchair. Even worse, they are highly susceptible to further health decline associated with limited mobility. 

Thank You Sponsors!

We also continue to need your donations while we serve amputees.