They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately, it’s also the meal that most people skip. But what happens when you find a minute to not only EAT breakfast – but eat a healthy – and most importantly TASTY breakfast. It will make the difference in your whole day.

Eat a tasty and healthy breakfast, you say? Is that even possible?

Yes! How? Eating the things you want – in moderation – the RIGHT way.

What if I told you NO MORE EGG WHITES!? Leave the delicious yolk IN! You would laugh at me. But it’s the yolk that has (the flavor of course) the nutrient chromium. No it’s not a Transformer character, it’s the micronutrient that aids the body in metabolizing fat and carbs. Yes, that yolk is what’s going to help your body metabolize the sandwich I am about to tell you that you CAN have!

Egg yolks are full of chromium as well as other great breakfast foods – whole grain foods, high bran cereals, and nuts. And my favorite breakfast? COFFEE! Coffee is chocked full of chromium and has tons of great health benefits (without adding sugar, though).

Another great micronutrient to load up on with breakfast is magnesium. Sounds so gross, but yet its oh, so good! Dark chocolate? Bananas? All full of magnesium! Magnesium deficiencies have been linked to a higher risk of developing diabetes.

So how can this help me have a tasty breakfast?

Try these options out and see if you are unsatisfied or left thinking of a donut, Danish or a drive thru breakfast to tide you over.

Fried Egg Sandwich – (seriously).

healthy egg sandwiches

Start with a whole grain toast. 100% whole grain is best, but even better is the whole grain breads that have seeds in them. Double chromium sources and whole grains are a source of magnesium as well. If you going to consume carbs – make them the best ones.

Fry or scramble your eggs – yolks included – if you add salt be stingy since sodium is not good for your heart – and use a healthy oil to cook with – like canola or coconut oil if you can handle the taste.

Skip the cheese. If you need more flavor try adding an avocado which is high in magnesium.

Want some spice? Add some fresh pico de gallo (fresh salsa) on top for flavor and a different texture.

Trying to skip the danishes and donuts? Go sweet with a bowl of oatmeal – add sliced bananas and dark chocolate. Try to skip adding any sugars to keep it healthy – but if you must add sugar try a substitute like honey. Adding cinnamon  will add flavor and additional benefits.

adding the right things to oatmeal to make it the best

There are so many options to eat well and still manage your blood sugar levels – as well as properly fueling your body for the day ahead. No need to skip and eat cardboard for breakfast. Eating great things in moderation and paired together to make the best choices can really boost your health and give you the get up and go to get going! Don’t forget to grab your coffee on the way out!






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