While doctors and their treatment plans vary as much as the doctors themselves, the one thing everyone agrees on is that the key to managing and even preventing diabetes is having a healthy diet and exercising regularly. While our busy schedules don’t always allow for going to the gym or the weather outside won’t let you go walk or play a game of basketball – the one thing you always have control over is your diet. Making good choices when it comes to meal planning is the key to getting starting either managing your diabetes or preventing it all together.

Serve It Up Right

Meal planning starts with serving sizes. Having the right portions of the right items will trigger your body into lowering your blood sugar more naturally. The My Plate Method is what The American Diabetes Association recommends and they have an online interactive tool you can use to help guide you on your way. Make sure to consult your healthcare team before making any changes to your diet. They will tell you what your calorie and carbohydrate intake should be based on things like your age, weight, activity and glucose levels.

create your plate

Watching your serving sizes will also help you lose weight. By choosing better options, your body will begin to function more efficiently and not only work to lower your blood sugar but also shed extra pounds. Lean chicken is always a healthier option over a greasy burger. Except for your tongue – it might grieve the loss of the burger more than your midsection.

Lean Chicken meal for Diabetics

Things to remember when planning a meal –

  1. Make sure you are choosing leaner cuts of meat – but they do dry out quicker when cooking because of the lack of fat.
  2. Your 50% portion of your plate is NON starchy vegetables. While potatoes are delicious – they are all starch so make sure you know the difference for your diet plan.
  3. Fats ARE good for you – healthy fats, in small amounts. WHAT? Yes, healthy fats like nuts, seeds, avocados are great for you and all of those also have benefits to help your brain!
  4. Add fruit and dairy to your diet if your doctor says it’s ok. Remember that some dairy does have sugar and fruits are full of natural sugars so talk to your healthcare team about which fruits and dairy products would fit better into your meal plan.
  5. Coffee is a low calorie drink (without the sugar and creamer of course – so waking up with a cup of coffee is still possible!) Other options include water, and unsweetened tea.


Sometimes just changing the mindset from living to eat to eating to live will make these changes more bearable. No one wants to give up their favorite foods – but if your favorite food is pizza and wings, etc. then this change will need more willpower than most – but it’s so worth it and there are delicious options out there – go have fun with your food!





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